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Noviembre / 2020

ECIA Newsletter 2020 #3

ECIA President’s message:


Dear colleagues,

The news that Covid-vaccines are on their way make the outlook to the next year a bit more positive. The current situation will follow us for some time, but at least there is some future prospect that will come out of this pandemic.


What will the experience be from this current situation?

Our system is not as stable as we thought, many things we believed to be strong can change fast. Some of our common values may not be as guaranteed as we would wish them to be. For me the lesson of these circumstances is to handle our ethics and ideals with gratitude and respect for one another.


Our last virtual ECIA General Assembly in November went very well, we received very positive feedback and I´m happy that so many were able to participate. It’s fascinating how we keep the cohesion even in these difficult times and can discuss our role around Europe as well as to move on together. This is something we all should be proud of.


The resignation of the SBID/UK from the ECIA is, of course, unfortunate. We wish the SBID luck in the future, and at the same time we are happy to welcome our new member candidates from Slovakia, Bulgaria and Hungary and this shows us the relevance of our organization as well as the importance our profession.


Our ongoing projects are progressing well. The new educational training charter is set to be released beginning of 2021. We will also play an active role among other European planners in the “New European Bauhaus” project and the “Renovation wave”, initiated by the EU.


Here the first steps have already been taken and this will provide some interesting tasks for us next year etc.


In general, we are on the move, and we want to thank you all for your support.


Now I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I’m convinced we will meet soon.


Stay healthy,

Martin Thörnblom


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